How to Get Recruited for Basketball College Team

If basketball playing has been your big love throughout high school days, you might want to keep on doing this throughout college years. If you have always dreamed of playing basketball in a college team, then you should know that you have a lot of competition you need to beat to present yourself as a valuable basketball player throughout the recruiting process.

Another aspect that you must be aware of is that thousands of basketball scholarships are there available with each year, but even so, the competition is still tough with teenagers having the role model of a Magic Johnson or O’Neil. Actually only 2% of the basketball players of the high school level succeed in making it to the next level.

In order for you to have an advantage over the competition, you must be aware that there are some things that you must do and stand out of the crowd of basketball players. Just read on and see which the ways are to make your name be relevant for the recruiters:

  • You should take the responsibility of being recruited on your own. Do not always count on the basketball coach who can not be partial for your goal when they have training to do with all the team players. Besides they won’t spend part of their time in taking responsibility of helping one player in getting recruited.
  • You must check out there for the right level of basketball existing with the college that suits your skills and strength level. While everyone is anxious to be recruited for Division I level, you should know your limits and see whether this is the right one for your talents or even for your size. In this step it will help if you visit some colleges and watch the levels of playing and then opt for yours.
  • Do not stand aside, but join in for showcases and camps. Attend some of these during summer vacation and make yourself noticed among the college coaches who are recruiting.
  • Find tournaments that are played across the country during the summertime with teams recruited merely for these events (AAU or USSSA). Every coach who recruits for college would want to know whether you have taking part in these sorts of tournaments.
  • Know how to sell your image as a basketball player. Promote and market yourself in front of the coaches since in this way you can make their job even easier to achieve.

Recruiting for college basketball team is a long process in terms of the time and effort you should invest. But at the same time, with all this competition around, it can be as well very challenging. You should always see this as a great experience that can build up the sense of competition within yourself helping you for the future basketball games.

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