How to Become a Good Basketball Player

It is true that some of basketball players seem to have an innate talent for this type of game: they have the ideal height and the right skills that allow playing basketball apparently without paying too much effort into this. It comes only natural for them to be considered good players out there on the court, but while this happens during high school, when their body is still young and energetic, this talent might easily wear off if not properly educated and trained. This is why many of them fail to reach that level of being good players to be co-opted for colleges’ basketball teams.

But there is the other category of basketball players who are not naturally born talented players, but invest a lot of work, effort and commitment into becoming good players. Bottom line: it doesn’t matter in the end what amount of talent you have been given with as long as you do not work hard to maintain it or to get it. As with any other sporting activity, basketball has its own key areas that should be worked on in order to become a great player. In this respect you should know that two main areas are presented with basketball training: working on strength and getting the skills. Without having the proper strength you can not be successful enough to declare yourself one of the best players.

When it comes to strength especially in the early stages of high school playing, you will need to build your stamina, since out there on the court the team that has its players getting tired the first ones, loses the game. This stamina can be built up by running for long distances. Each day you must start early in the morning with a jogging session. The first stage should go from running 1 to 3 miles and after you are comfortable with this distance you can increase up to 5 miles.

The other thing to focus on is getting the skills and practice constantly for maintaining them. For this type of practice, such as shooting, you should spend around 2 hours up to 4 hours per day. You must choose several spots on the court and from there do the shooting – 10 baskets in a row with each of the chosen spots; you can start by picking firstly 4 and then gradually increase up to 10 spots. This practice routine can take you a while, this is why you need patience and a lot of perseverance before reaching the expected results.

In the end you will see that all your efforts will pay off coming to that stage where you become a good, if not one of the best, player in the team with your teammates depending on your strength, style and skills of playing.

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