Martial Arts

Weapons Used in Martial Arts

Practicing some kinds of martial arts will require at some point the use of weapons and their form will depend on the techniques that you approach while training in this type of combat sport. Martial arts are mostly a practice that involves moves of your body and your limbs in order to defend yourself and to submit your opponent. However, due to several techniques that one can approach in performing this sport, you may need to use different weapons to enable you to have thorough training.

Some of the most commonly used weapons are swords, nunchaku (two sticks connected at one end with a chain), and blunt knives. As mentioned above, these weapons will differ from the martial art you have chosen to practice. While many of these weapons may appear similar to each other, there are other types that are completely different when compared to other types of weapons. It is however important to always use the right instruction into helping you to handle properly these weapons. One should never consider using weapons in real life; they are designed merely to learn techniques of martial arts while taking training lessons.

Due to the fact that these weapons are created as instruments to help with training, they should be treated with respect. The presence of an instructor is therefore mandatory. He will teach you how to move your body in such a way that you can never hurt yourself while handling a specific weapon. Before getting deeper into the training, you need to choose from the very start the type of weapon you are more comfortable dealing with and in this way, you will be appointed with the right martial arts instructor.

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