Dunking a Basketball

Dunking a basketball has always been a fantasy for many basketball youngsters. All of them enjoy the idea of running with the ball at top velocity and putting it into the nets. A slam dunk is one of the most enjoyable skills that go on to make basketball an entertaining, jam-packed action-oriented game.

Dream of dunking

It is necessary to get rid of the idea that players with comparatively short height cannot dunk a basketball. Although people with a height of 6 feet or above can dunk a basketball more easily the short-height players must not lose hope.

Spud Webb happens to be the shortest basketball player in the history of the NBA to dunk the ball. Managed to get a height of only 5’7, Spud Webb has done the dunking throughout his career. The secret is nothing but to train your body properly. Conditioning your body happens to be the most important thing to dunk.

Cardiovascular training

Proper training to develop cardiovascular strength is an essential thing. Taking sprints for three days a week will help you develop your strength. You can do it in the morning. A hundred meters sprints will do. Don’t rush through it, run the first hundred meters, then take a rest, and then do it another time. Along with developing your cardiovascular strength, it will also build up your upper thigh muscles.

Training of lower leg

After having proper scientific cardiovascular training, get ready for the lower leg training. Dunking is more dependent on the strength of your calf muscles. You have to make your calf muscles strong so that you can jump as higher as possible. The conventional exercise of raising your toe tip can be helpful as it will strengthen your lower leg muscles.


Practice makes your dream come true. Dunking is no exception. Although your friends may make fun of you to see you skipping up and down under the basketball rim, but try as hard as possible to get hold of the basketball rim. It is guaranteed that if you work hard to get hold of the rim, you will be awarded. Though it might take a few weeks but one day you will surely be able to touch the rim. And after that, with continuous practice, dunking the basketball will seem to be an easy thing for you!


So don’t be upset if your height does not support you to dunk. Sheer practice, and nothing else, will surely make dunking as easy as ever. You might get frustrated at first. But do not lose hope. Hold your breath whenever you get irritated, take a break, and then start afresh. Follow the strategies given above and be persistent. The day is not very far when you will dunk the basketball without any difficulties!

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