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Terms Commonly Used in the World of Sports Betting

The world of sports betting looks exceedingly simple on the surface and is at the same time, equally complex and deceptive when one takes the plunge in it. What looks like fun and games from the outside can be quite overwhelming for a newcomer as one needs to adjust to world of sports betting. Like any other profession, most sports betting organizations have an extremely well organized structure, with no scope for discrepancies. But at the same time, there are a lot of terms that are used on a common and daily basis in the world of sports betting that a person needs to get used to in order to fully understand any given situation and make the most of it. One will find himself completely lost and confused if he or she does not understand the terms being used in the world of sports betting and might find himself to be at a disadvantageous position. And hence this article will focus on explaining these complicated and commonplace terms to the readers in a simple manner.

1. Accumulator: This term refers to a series of bets on several results and all such results must be successful for the Punter to win the bet. 

2. Action: This term refers to any kind of betting that takes place. 

3. Against the Spread: This term refers to a bet where a person tries to determine the team that will cover the spread and not necessarily the team that will win. 

4. Ante Post: It is also possible to place some bets months and sometimes years in advance. Such bets are called ‘ante post’-bets. The term ‘ante post’ comes from the sphere of horse racing. For example a person can bet on the winner of a world cup that is going to be held some years in advance. Making such a bet can be really successful if one is ready to sit with patience. It is also considered to be a good investment if one is sure about his bets.

5. Banker: It refers to a selection that is fancied to be extremely strong indeed and hence will prove to be the cornerstone of all the other combination bets.

6. Beard: This term refers to a friend or acquaintance whose work is to place the bets in order to hide the true identity of the actual bettor. 

7. Bet: To put money on the right prediction of a result. 

8. Bookie/Bookmaker: A company which is licensed to accept bets on the outcome of an event based on their provision of odds to the bettor. 

9. Chalk: This term refers to the favorite in a bet. 

10. Chalk player: This term refers to a person who usually places his bets on the favorite odds.

These are some of the terms that are used on a regular basis in the world of sports betting and one must be fluent in them in order to quickly understand and assess the various different situations in the world of sports betting.

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