Elegance and Power in a Golf Swing

A golf swing is the most elegant and powerful stroke used in golf. It is very difficult to master and takes hours of practice. Among recent golf players Tiger Woods is said to have the best swing. Though many have tried to copy his style, nobody has succeeded. The main reason behind it is that after mastering the steps the mind automatically adapts to it according to a person’s nature. Each individual has his/her signature style. But everybody has to follow the basic steps of swinging. Without those, a perfect swing can never be mastered.

Some may stoop a bit more than other, while some may swing the club more than other. Whatever may be the difference, the basics remain the same. Practicing the golf swing rigorously brings fruitful results. Once it is done, one should move on to chipping and putting. But first let us learn the basics of a swing. It has been broken down into a number of steps so that picking them up becomes easy. First and foremost is the grip. Getting a wrong grip will ruin the whole swing, and the club may even slip out in some cases. So to get a firm grip, put the left hand first and then the right hand just below the left one, bending the knuckles around the base of the club. There are variations in the way in which a golf club can be gripped, depending upon the position of the hands, wrist and gripping fingers. After getting a firm grip, the stance is to be learned which is one of the most important lessons of a golf swing.

Stand with the legs a bit apart and bend the knees a little bit, just like an athlete. The body weight should be evenly balanced by both the legs and the shoulder should be in line with the ball of the feet. The body should bend a bit from the waist keeping the spine straight, and keep the muscles relaxed. Once a stable stance is made, it is time for the backswing. It is the perfection of the backswing that will drive the rest of the steps to complete a golf swing. For a backswing, move the hand backward without bending the wrists until the club is parallel to the ground. Now bend the wrist and move the upper part of the body a bit back stretching fully, so that the chin is in line with the shoulder and club running parallel to the left forearm.

Once it is executed to perfection, unwind the steps to perform a downswing. Bring the body down again and striking the ball, while balancing the weight as before and moving the hips a bit. The wrist should not be hinged while bringing the club down. The face should be towards the target for a perfect follow through. After the ball is truck follow the line and complete the golf swing by tracking the ball and standing up.

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